Creative Ramblings and Marcel the Shell

For awhile now, I’ve been considering a second degree in film. Naturally, I have no idea what sort of concentration I’d pursue beyond that, because the closest I’ve ever come to directing is acting…in high school play. The closest I’ve ever come to screenwriting is writing my book, which I assure you, is nowhere near finished or presentable — and the nearest I’ve ever come to animation, even in mock form, is by scouring the internet for free gif creators. I keep battling with  myself over one particular issue: would a degree in film ruin the magic of movies for me? Because I love movies. Be it a cutting edge, original masterpiece or a classic black-and-white, it makes no difference to me. I eat the heart-attack-buttered popcorn until I’m sick. And suck rudely on the straw for the last bit of Coke, and whisper conspiratorially about the previews. I’m addicted. And there’s nothing worse than ruining a perfectly good addiction. But the go-getter part of my personality protests, “You write, and you still love reading!”  Touche, self. Touche.

So without further adieu or use of the French language, I present to you a short film so adorable, so silly, so endearing, so hilarious and so confusingly relevant, that you will probably watch it twice.

Meet Marcel the Shell. He’s got shoes on.

You’re welcome. All credit goes to the video’s director, Dean Fleischer-Camp.


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One response to “Creative Ramblings and Marcel the Shell

  1. Haha, “without further adieu or use of the French language” – I love you.

    How did I miss this post? I have them emailed to me (supposedly). Just checked my settings. Yes, they are supposed to be emailed. Maybe it got lost in the Thanksgiving week shuffle.

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