Current Projects

On the business side, I am always doing something — whether it be editing a paper, writing an ad, an article, or developing copy for a website, I love the feeling those things give me. Arranging words until they’re perfect and moving, exploring the ways even one comma can change a sentence’s impact, is extremely satisfying to me; words are subtle creatures, and to be able to craft a reader’s experience with them is both an art and a privilege. Words are powerful. They connect us. To places both real and imaginary. To other people. And most importantly, to ourselves. In both my professional and personal work, I do my best to keep that fact at the forefront of my mind.

On the personal side, I am currently taking on a task that feels impossible most of the time: I am writing a novel. I very much hope that my book, a YA fantasy, will be fully drafted soon. [Word count update — 60,000 words!] I am making some heavy progress and I can’t wait to take the next step with this project, as it has been one close to my heart for some time now.

To my fellow madhatters:  Keep reading. Keep writing.

The very best,



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